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Downtown Sacramento Plaza Project to Begin Construction

Kings Arena Update

The C-III Asset Management Group, the group who purchased the Downtown Plaza area, has taken the city of Sacramento to court. Their argument pertains to the market value of the former Macy’s property. Each of the parties is allegedly millions of dollars apart.

Despite this legal trouble, construction will begin. The tower itself will be up before the city planning commission for former approval on Feb 26. Groundbreaking will occur in March. Hotel flag and specific stores and restaurants will be announced as the project gets underway.

Swinerton Builders has been named the Commercial Construction and Construction Management Company chose for the project. An estimated 220 concrete trunks will begin descending on Downtown in early February to pour the foundation for the $477 million sports and entertainment facility being built between L and K and Fifth and Sixth Streets. The concrete pouring will last through March 4 so that it can strengthen and cure properly.

The project will include shopping and restaurants along the plaza as well as a 16-story tower with retail and office space as well as 250 hotel rooms and 69 condominiums. 550 housing units may also go into development around the new arena. The whole area would require a new traffic pattern with drivers going to the hotel coming off J Street and into an overhang. Parking would positioned so that valets wouldn’t have to go back onto city streets at all.

This blog post is compliments of the General Store and Deli 500 Capitol Mall Suite #130 Sacramento, CA 95814.

Is Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza Worth Saving?

Is Sacramento’s Downtown Plaza Worth Saving?

Every time I head to downtown Sacramento, I always stop by Old Sac.  Old Sac has a fun and thriving environment.  With the candy shops, tattoo parlors, the Train Museum, and the feel of stepping back into the old western times.  From Old Sac, there is a tunnel on K Street that goes under the I­5 highway; connecting Old Sac with the Downtown plaza.  The tunnel usually has paintings on either sides of the walls and sometimes has people playing music.  When you walk out of the tunnel the Downtown Plaza is right in front of you.  Walking through the plaza, the atmosphere is really gloomy.  There are not many people that visit the mall on a daily basis.  Now with part ofthe mall under construction, due to the new Kings Stadium; much of the mall is gone.  Many of the stores do not get a lot of customers.  I would say the main stores for me would be; Starbucks, Forever XXI, Century Theatres, and Macy’s.  Due to to the new Kings Arena, the mall will not be getting much attention.  To me it seems like the mall is still standing just to fill space until something better is decided to replace it.  I don’t think that much can be done to save the mall.  Pretty soon most of the department stores will be going out of business.  Relocating the mall would be a good idea, but in Downtown there is no place to put it.  Adding more popular stores wouldn’t really be beneficial because the new stores would take over the stores that are already there.  The best thing to do, I think would be to make the Downtown Plaza more of a town square centered round the Arena, with restaurants replacing the department stores.  That way it could be a family event when going to see the Kings play.  For now the mall is still standing.  Only time will tell what will become of the Downtown Plaza.

B Carpenter

This blog post is compliments of the General Store and Deli 500 Capitol Mall Suite #130 Sacramento, CA 95814.

Sacramento Downtown Plaza to Close Next Year for Massive Arena Remodel

According to one of the mall’s tenants, the plaza near the future arena site will close sometime in 2015. A group of local buyers, Trinity Pacific Partners, closed escrow on 555 Capitol Mall. The 380,000 square foot property has 14 stories with two connected office towers with a variety of restaurant and retail space on the ground level. A parking garage is located in the back across from L Street for the arena site.

Mall managers have been told that their leases will not be renewed after the end of December. The Downtown Plaza is owned by the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. Demolition began in August within the mall’s central portion to make room for a new $477 million arena. JMA Ventures has been re-hired to both redevelop and operate the new property.

JMA Executive Michael McManus told Sacramento Business Journal that the western portion of the plaza mall (except the movie theater and Macy’s) will be reoriented so that the restaurants and shops face the arena itself. JMA spokeswoman declined to comment on his comments. According to the company, they are still working on finalizing the plan. The city manager for the arena project, Desmond Parrington, said that JMA had discussed with mall tenants about possible relocation.

The plaza has seen decreased foot traffic, so the buyers decided it would not be a good idea to stay open for two years. They decided the smart business decision was to remodel sooner than later. Because the arena itself is not promising owners a reserved location, shops are looking to move to the former Pyramid Alehouse site at K and 11 streets. The remodel plan is to lure boutique-like businesses to occupy the renovated space in these stores’ former locations.

This article is compliments of the General Store and Deli 500 Capitol Mall Suite #130 Sacramento, CA 95814.

Farm-to-Fork Festival at the Capitol Mall

Visit the second annual Farm-to-Fork Festival at the Capitol Mall on Saturday, September 27 from 11am to 6pm. The festival offers a wide range of farm-to-fork offerings that are produced in the Sacramento area. Sample a variety of fish, meat, produce, cheese, olive oil, craft beer and wine from local purveyors and eateries. Live music, a kids’ zone with a petting zoo, interactive booths from local farms, ranches and grocers as well as cooking demonstrations will also be presented.

Presentations from a local favorite California Agricultural Inspector, Dozer, the black Labrador Retriever as well as from the Food Literacy Center will also occur at the event. The event is free to attend. Last year’s festival drew nearly 25,000 attendees.

This article is compliments of  the  General Store and Deli 500 Capitol Mall Suite #130 Sacramento, CA 95814. 


Downtown Sacramento Deli Offers Excellent Quality Deli Style Food

General Store & Deli offers excellent quality deli style food.

Whether you are looking for a sandwich shop to take a lunch break in downtown Sacramento or you need a delivery to your Sacramento office, they have it all. You might even find that you have an office event that needs excellent catering that General Store & Deli could help you with.

The restaurant offers a wide array of catering options including sandwiches and salads to fit all of the needs of a hungry crowd. They can provide you with high quality products that are going to make the entire office or party happy and asking for more. Their menu is filled with numerous options for breads and a wide range of vegetables to create just the sandwich that you want.

The easy to use menu online allows you to choose what you want before you arrive. Consider calling in your order ahead to make sure it is ready when you need it to be. This is a great way to save time on a busy day and to get the freshest deli food you can find. You will find that they have an email club that allows you access to promotions as they become available. Sign up and get the best deals in town right in your email inbox.

Their daily specials are an excellent way to get great food at a low price. You will find that joining them on social media will present you with some excellent options and bring you additional deals and discounts. Check out all that they have to offer and follow them for the heads up on the next big deal. You don’t want to miss what they have coming up for you in excellent food and savings.

The store also has a wide range of grocery options to choose from such as milk, juices, soups, spices and cleaning supplies. They have everything you could need on hand so that you can get it all in one place. They are a one stop shopping destination and you can have excellent quality products in your hands in no time at all.

West End Capitol Mall Lunch Options

 Finding a Lunch Spot Can Be Challenging

It seems like Sacramento gains and loses eateries weekly so finding a lunch spot can be challenging, especially on the west end of Capitol Mall, but in the area bordered by 5th Street, 8th Street, N Street and Downtown Plaza, there are several choices for all tastes and pocketbooks.

River City Brewing is alive in the Downtown Plaza. It is one of a handful of businesses that have not closed in preparation for the mall’s transformation into Sacramento’s new sports and entertainment complex. River City opens at 11:30 a.m., has menu items under $15 and does charge $1 for dipping sauce to accompany its many appetizers.

Two restaurants on L Street begin serving lunch at 11:00 a.m. Foundation Restaurant & Bar at 400 L Street opened in 2013, replacing 4th Street Bar & Grille, which had occupied that corner location for many years. While Foundation offers lunches under $20, its emphasis is on its happy hour. Frank Fat’s at 806 L Street opened in 1939, received the James Beard Foundation America’s Classic Award in 2013 and serves Asian and American dishes in a fine dining atmosphere. This flagship restaurant caters to the lunch crowd with two menus and most items priced under $20. The Capitol Power Lunch menu features five selections at $10.95 each.

At 400 Capitol Mall is Il Fornaio, one of three eateries on Capitol Mall. Open at 11 a.m., Il Fornaio features traditional Italian fare, including gluten free choices, priced under $25. At 455 Capitol Mall is My Sister’s Café. This new restaurant benefits My Sister’s House, a non-profit organization that serves Asian and Pacific Islander women and children affected by domestic violence. The café opens at 8 a.m. for breakfast and is staffed primarily by volunteers.

Two eateries offer deli menus and open early. Capitol Deli at 1225 8th Street, #110 opens at 7 a.m., closes at 4 p.m. and features a menu with traditional and gourmet sandwiches priced under $10, an espresso bar and daily specials.

With a 6 a.m. opening and 8 p.m. closing plus weekend hours, General Store and Deli provides the most convenience. Located at 500 Capitol Mall, #130, its entrance is at 5th and N Street. The deli counter offers hot and cold sandwiches in two sizes, several bread and wrap choices, including spinach, and keeps its prices under $7. Daily specials include a Thursday Farmers’ Market discount, breakfast special and a free soft drink for liking General Store and Deli’s Facebook page.

Its fully stocked coffee and drink bar features Boyds coffee, sodas, icees and a cappuccino machine. The general store’s array of groceries, snacks and essentials, including lactaid and soy milk, cake mix, spices, laundry detergent, greeting cards and over the counter medicines, can accommodate lunch goers who want lunch and a few extras.


Capitol Mall Farmers’ Market

Capitol Mall Farmers’ Market History and Information

Since July 29, 2011, California farmers have been bringing their produce, nuts, flowers and olive oil to the Capitol Mall Farmers’ Market.

Originally located at the end of Downtown Plaza, Certified Farmers’ Markets of Sacramento coordinator Dan Best explained that businesses in nearby high rise buildings wanted the market closer. With the assistance of the Downtown Partnership, this pedestrian market was moved to its current location on Capitol Mall between 5th and 6th Streets.

Flanked by the state Capitol building to the east, the Tower Bridge to the west, and shaded by office buildings, this market draws growers from around the state.

Dan Best explained that growing area and climate prevent some crops from being grown in certain locations. Stone fruit, for example, isn’t grown in Los Angeles and citrus is grown on a micro scale in Sacramento. Others, like broccoli, only flower in mid-June.

On a recent Thursday, vendors from Fresno, Clarksburg, Hughson, Lincoln, West Sacramento, Watsonville, Oroville and Temecula offered familiar products – white and yellow peaches, apricots, tomatoes and corn. Others, like Loving Nature Farm, offered sweet French carrots, beets and sweet Japanese turnips. Floral bouquets were popular, and shoppers could purchase wine, olive oil or flavored nuts. Hot chili almonds and wasabi pistachios were among the nut offerings.

Participating vendors are required to have grown what is being sold. With about a dozen vendors, the Capitol Mall market is one of the smaller markets. It opens at 10 a.m., closes at 1:30 p.m. and runs May through September. Many local businesses adjacent to the farmers market also have Farmers’ Market specials during Market hours. The General Store and Deli located at the corner of 5th street and N Street has a lunch special on Market days.

Other Certified Farmers’ Markets in the central city are located at the east end of Capitol Park, Roosevelt Park, Fremont Park, Chavez Plaza and at 8th and W Streets. Markets in Rancho Cordova, Elk Grove, south Sacramento and at Country Club Plaza are open year round.